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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Relative Unknown - Introduction

Hello ladies and gents. My name is Shean Christopher and I am a professional wrestler of a little over one year. This specific blog is a bit of an introduction  (as you can tell by the title) of myself because I'm sure not very many (if any) of you know who I am. I am of 19 years of age and am knee deep into my 3rd (Going on 4th) year in this absolutely mayhem of a business we call professional wrestling. This might confuse some as I clearly stated earlier I'm a professional wrestler of a little over a year, but as it may surprise nobody, I didn't start out as a good ol' rassler.

In November of 2013, Ace Haven offered me a position on his weekly ProSouth Wrestling show as a ring announcer to which I jumped for joy at the thought of. I loved the position dearly... well, until that time Gene Jackson and I tussled up in the 2014 Battle Rumble. Not for the reason you may have imagined either, because after that slight taste of what actual wrestling was all about, I only craved more of it. Much to my chagrin though, I was actually becoming quite well at this ring announcing gig. I drug through the 2015 calender year, getting little to no actual action(and we're not just talking about wrestling, kids. 😉)

In February of 2016 I finally made my professional wrestling debut and I couldn't be anymore pumped while putting on pretty decent performances in the matches I was getting very early on in my career, I started collecting a bit of a good reputation around the ProSouth locker room. Even to the point where I am now a 4 time Tag Team Champion of my home promotion. These accomplishments mean the world to me (Even so that ol' mark Sheen has a picture of me with the tag strap on my debit card) but I'm ready to get and branch out to the world and show them what I can do (or can't) inside the squared circle.

Everyone always hears the stories and hilarity of the careers of the vets in the business, but what about us Greenhorns, huh? That's what I'm here to do. Give you guys a bit of a different approach to the wrestling documentary we all love to read. In my short tenure I've encountered some great and not so great people and experiences and I'm going to let you guys in on this over the course of the next several monthskis.

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