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Friday, August 4, 2017

"10 Count" featuring "The Big Beef" Jake Garvin

This week on "10 Count", we head to Louisville and meet up with 
"The Big Beef" Jake Garvin.
"The Big Beef" Jake Garvin
Garvin made his debut almost two years ago after training with Apollo Garvin, Dave Crist and The Hooligans.
1. What made you start/choose wrestling?
It's what I've wanted to do my whole entire life. I wasn't doing anything I ever dreamt of so I decided to suck up my fears and give it a shot.
2. Did you enjoy wrestling as a kid? If so, your favorites (workers, territories, promotions, venues, etc) and why.
I loved wrestling as a kid. I'm only 22 so I missed out on the territory's so most of my viewing was either OVW (in person) or WWE but my favorite for sure was Mid South. Mid South is my favorite because they had this presence about them. Everyone top to bottom was so complete. You can learn from any and everyone. As a kid my favorite workers were Benoit, Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, and Triple H. I think these guys were my favorite because they all seemed tough and legit. 
3. Biggest influence on your career so far? 
Biggest influence on my career so far has to be The Hooligans; Devin and Mason Cutter.
They have taught me to hit the road and not to be afraid or not to be down on myself if I screw up. They give me the best advice and always have my best interest in mind. They are my best friends.
4. If someone has never seen wrestle you, what is the first thing that you would tell them about yourself? 
I'm the Big Beef, I'm brash, arrogant and I plan on winning. I'm hard hitting and legit.
5. What/who influenced your ring style?
Guys like Terry Gordy, Steve Williams, Arn Anderson influenced my in ring style. There"s a lot of depth to me. I take a lot of inspiration outside of wrestling and pull it into who I am. Matt Healy from The 1975 is a huge inspiration of mine. I'm very influenced by Hardcore and Punk music because that was my upbringing. 
6. Pick on wrestler/team/manager from the past to work with or against and why.
If I had to pick one Wrestler/team/manager I would work with or against....
Wrestler would be Raven. Answer is because he's a genius.
Team would be Road Warriors. Answer is because they rule and I wanna hear that reaction in person.
Manager would be Jim Cornette. He's the man. A lot of people hate him but he can talk asses into seats and that's what a worker loves!
7. What is the plan for Jake Garvin? 2017? 
The plan for Jake Garvin with the rest of 2017? As always, continued progress. I want to be better each time I step in a ring. I would like to get in better shape as well. I want gold.
8. Why "The Big Beef"? Where did that nickname originate?
I was wrestling at a festival in Texas called Sound on Sound and the last day got rained out. We were trying to survive the rain and I was down on myself so I asked a friend what he saw in me. He said "You're believable, big and beefy". It clicked and got over so I used it.
9. Best thing about wrestling? 
The best thing about wrestling... besides actually wrestling would have to be seeing the country!
10. Why do we need to know Jake Garvin?
I'm different, I bring something new to the ring each match. I'm girth and athleticism embodied. I'm also a very hard worker and very humble. I travel and do things the right way.

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