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Friday, August 4, 2017

Cheap Heat: August 4, 2017

To Podcast...or not to Podcast??

This week's column will look at the question I've been asking myself for a couple of weeks now. Should I start a new wrestling podcast or not?  I will not bring back a weekly live version of Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio on blogtalkradio unless Neil Taylor is available to do so, which very well may be the case later this year as circumstances change.  However, I've been pondering doing a 'Locals to Legends Wrestling Podcast' sporadically as interviews and topics come up that I want to do a show on.  This show wouldn't be live, it would be pre-recorded and it wouldn't be a weekly show just whenever the opportunity presents itself and I'd post them here whenever they come up.  There's a few people I'd still like to interview that I haven't had the opportunity to yet. I'd also like to do some shows with people on some various topics that I think would make for interesting conversations and podcasts.  So, I think I'll do a couple and see what the response is....I would like to start a bit of a 'Locals to Legends Podcast Network' with other wrestling podcasters who would like to feature their shows here.  If you already have a wrestling podcast and would like to post them here, feel free to contact me....or if you'd like to start one and feature it here....email me...I've been doing wrestling podcasts since 2007 so I'd be more than happy to help you get started and lead you in the right direction. 

Softcore Cup 2 is coming August 19th!!

It's taken an extra year but IWA Deep South is bringing back the popular Softcore Cup tournament concept in Dadeville, Alabama on August 19th at the "World Famous Rodeo Club".  The first event was pretty wild but this show promises to up the ante taking place in a bar with WAY less limitations than the National Guard Armory in Tennessee that played host to the first Softcore Cup.  For more info on the card, check out the Facebook event here!  I'm excited to be joined on commentary this time by one of my very best friends and podcast co-host Neil "the Real Deal" Taylor! If you think the past commetary was something, you haven't heard anything yet!  However, if you've never seen the first Softcore Cup, purchase it on DVD here at Smart Mark Video! Featuring: Joey Ryan, Cliff Compton, "Rapeface" Ronnie Jenkins, Big Donnie, The Nacho Butcher, 'The Man Scout' Jake Manning, stars of Chikara Pro, and many more!

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