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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio w/Jimmy Rave

This week Gene Jackson is joined by Jimmy Rave! Jimmy talks about his big match this weekend at ProSouth Wrestling in Piedmont, Alabama against IWGP Champion and long time rival A.J. Styles.  They also talk about a number of other topics including: working in Japan, the origins of Jimmy Rave Approved, why fans threw toilet paper at the Embassy in ROH, highlights of his career, his history with Kyle Matthews, booking for Rampage Wrestling, insight on his friend CM Punk, the indy explosion in wrestling these days....and much, much more!  Check it out and share it with others!

Chip Day, Corey Hollis, Jimmy, and Mike Posey-- Jimmy Rave Approved

As part of the Embassy w/Prince Nana in ROH

Jimmy Rave vs. Kyle Matthews

CAGE MATCH- CM Punk vs. Jimmy Rave in Ring of Honor