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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


It’s time for a brand new episode of “Shootin The Shiznit.” On Episode 72 Brian Tramel sits down with Doug & Anthony from Who’s Right Podcast. They talk about kayfabe, Who’s Right Podcast, who watches wrestling?, no political views, Anthony is not a fan, you know you are fat if, do women make you forget wrestling,wrestling t-shirts, Monday Night Wars, wrestling is just like a movie, My Little Pony wrestling fans, when kayfabe died, podcasting, a special tidbit at the end and more in this 43 minute episode.

Monday, November 27, 2017

WrestleCade Weekend Fanfest 2017

WrestleCade took place this past weekend for the sixth time in Winston-Salem, North Carolina giving over 150 pro wrestling superstars from the past and present to interact with fans from all over the world who come each year for the weekend's festivities.  This year's was the biggest yet with a total of NINE events taking place over the course of the three days.  It kicked off on Friday night with the "Showcase of Champions" wrestling show featuring champions from numerous promotions putting their titles on the line in front (in most cases) and completely different set of fans than normal.  Afterwards on Friday night, there was a live taping of the Stevie Ray podcast with his special guest Bruce Prichard which you should be able to download very soon.

On Saturday morning the Fanfest opened where fans were able to meet and interact with some of their favorite wrestlers, managers, and announcers from the past and present.  Over 150 were on hand eager to meet their fans.  There were a few notable absences this year, namely Terry Funk who flew in to Winston-Salem on Friday night only to get the word very early on Saturday morning that his wife was extremely ill causing him to have to fly back out to Amarillo to be by her side which was understandable.  Other absences that weren't all addressed by the vendors who advertised them were Butch Reed, Bob Armstrong, Brodus Clay, Jim Neidhart,  and Ronnie Garvin.  However, there were still plenty of big stars there to be seen such as Christian, Mick Foley, Jerry Lawler, Bobby Lashley, Ken Shamrock, Sgt. Slaughter, and Road Warrior Animal just to name a few.  There was five thousand or more people there which made for some aggravation in getting around but all in all Tracy Myers and Brian Hawks have one of the most well organized and fan friendly events out there today.  I highly recommend to any wrestling fun young or old there is literally something for everybody.

After the Fanfest wrapped up it was followed by the WrestleCade SuperShow (see other report).  However, Saturday's fun didn't end there as there as a special "Inside the Lion's Den" which was an evening with Ken Shamrock discussing his career in both pro wrestling and MMA as well as a special VIP Meet & Greet with Ken afterward.

Sunday started off with a Worship Service led by George South for those interested in attending.  Followed by a special 25 Year Anniversary "Fire on the Mountain" Smoky Mountain Reunion Q & A and VIP Meet & Greet with Jim Cornette, Dutch Mantell, Bobby Blaze, Tracy Smothers, and Bobby Fulton.  But that was not all this was followed by a "Queens of Combat" all ladies wrestling show and then also a AML show following it.

So to recap, if you buy the VIP tickets for the weekend (which Rosey and I did) for $180, you get into six different shows as well as early access to each.  WrestleCade is by far the most affordable event of it's type out there, just check the prices for WrestleCon other similar events and there's no comparison. I highly recommend you check out www.wrestlecade.com in January and start making your plans to attend next year on Thanksgiving Weekend.  The Jacksons will see you there.  Now check out some random photos from the weekend!

WrestleCade 2017 SuperShow Results & Pictures

Once again as a part of WrestleCade Weekend in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Saturday night featured the WrestleCade SuperShow.  Below are the results and pics from the show which streamed live on FITE TV, I will follow up with a report on the Fanfest portion of the event as well as some of the other events that took place as part of the weekend's festivities.

Match Results:

Opening Match- 4 Way Corners Tag Match
The Extreme Horsemen (CW Anderson/Damian Wayne defeated The Boys (aka The Tate Twins)/The Spirit Squad (Mikey/Kenny)/The Heatseekers  

Great match to open the show

Match #2:
"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn defeated Carlito 

Match #3:
Triple Threat Match
Zane Dawson defeated Luke Hawx/Tommy Dreamer

Good showing here from all three guys. Dawson is the AML Champion. Hawx has been a featured competitor in the last several WrestleCade events. Post-match Dreamer put over Dusty Rhodes and the fact that there may be a "Starrcade going on up the road from here but the REAL wrestling fans are here at WrestleCade" which got a big pop as you would expect.

Fun match with Gunn playing face but Carlito has his share of support as well

Match #4:
Jerry "the King" Lawler defeated George South 

South spent what felt like FOREVER cutting a heel promo trying to get heat before the match name dropping Andy Kaufman and Ric Flair among others, King was over with the fans and went over with the first of two finishes that would directly physically involve the referee

Match #5:
The Veterans of War (Wilcox/Mayweather) defeated America's Top Team (Bobby Lashley/King Mo)  

Wilcox/Mayweather are formally known as Jax Dane/Crimson.  Very awkward match in spots...Lashley carried most of the match for the inexperienced King Mo, seemed like early on they couldn't decide which team was the heel team, decent match overall

Match #6:
Six Man Lucha Tag Match
Kaleb Konley/Super Crazy/Juventud Guerrera defeated PJ Black/Jason Kincaid/Willie Mack  

this was the match of the night other than the referee completely blowing the three count on the finish which made an exciting ending fall completely flat, Willie Mack does amazing things for a man his size...Juvi and Super Crazy looked good and Konley deserves to be in Lucha Underground or NXT!

Match #7: 
#1 Contender's Match for the WOW Championship
Jungle Girl beat Amber O'Neil w/Lana Star by DQ  

Run in and other shenanigans couldn't save this one

Match #8:
Dan 'the Beast' Severn w/Jim Cornette defeated Josh "the Goods" Woods   

The match was said to be Cornette's last match ever as a manager.  The match was very technical and wrestled in a amateur style.  A few of the fans were chanting "boring" and heckling both Severn and Woods.  Cornette was visibly annoyed by this but managed not to lose it on the mic.  Afterwards, Cornette and Severn put over Woods as "the future" and Cornette said that the Carolinas hold a special place for him as he wouldn't have had the career he had if not for his time here for Jim Crockett Promotions.

Match #9:
Top Rope Belts Battle Royal featuring tons of local talent as well as Mr. Hughes, D'Lo Brown, Hornswoggle, Kevin Thorn, Matt Striker, Bobby Fulton, The Hurricane, Crazzy Steve, Stan Lee, among many others was won by the Hurricane!

Typical battle royal stuff with some fun things thrown like a chokeslam from Hornswoggle on Hurricane at one point. 

Match #10
Ryback defeated Joey Mercury

Pretty decent match....a lot of Larry Zbyszko-esque stalling from Mercury early on but the match finally got going and had some impressive shows of strength from Mercury before going down to the 'shell shock' from Ryback.

Match #11
No DQ Match
Ivelisse defeated Taya Valkyrie

Impressive match from the two stars of Lucha Underground that involved chairs, chains, ladders, and tables. At one point they fought out into the crowd on top of one of the banquet tables the fans were seated at, far superior to the previous women's match on the card.

Match #12
TNA Impact Global Championship
Eli Drake defeated Johnny Impact/Jack Swagger w/Catalina Swagger

I didn't stay for this one but was told it was good match. Long promo pre-match from Drake. A lot of people are high on this guys but I just don't see it.....to me he sounds like somebody doing a bad Steve Austin impression but that's just me. He seems to be picking up steam with many fans so that's whats important. 

SD #42 - Bullwhip Ballard

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The Smack Download Pro Wrestling Podcast Episode #42

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Wrestler's Court: The Trial of Bobbie Blaine

Listen to "Wrestler's Court: The Trial of Bobbie Blaine" on Spreaker.

Tonight you will witness a special edition of the podcast as Bobbie "Omega" Blaine in brought in to Wrestler's Court on the charge of not controlling his ring rats, thus causing damages to the Smack Download Podcast. The judge for this case will be the honorable Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor.

Part 2 of My Conversation with Steve Beverly !!

It’s time for a “special edition” of “Shootin The Shiznit.” On Episode 71 Brian Tramel sits down with Steve Beverly again for part 2 of his interview to talk about why did the 80's change wrestling?, wrestling and technology, Eddie Gilbert, Dusty Rhodes, WCW hotline, Missy Hyatt, a nasty phone call from Tom Zenk, Lance Russell, Wrestling Observer hotline, Freddy Miller and more in this 43 minute show.

Monday, November 20, 2017

SD#40 - Survivor Series 2017 Review

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This week Jackson and Dustin review WWE Survivor Series 2017!

Quick Results:
Sheild def New Day
Team Raw win Woman's Survivor Series
Barron Corbin def The Miz
Usos def Sheamus and Cesaro
Charlotte Flair def Alexia Bliss
Brock Lesnar def AJ Styles
Team Raw win the Men's Survivor Series

Bonus Show - NXT Takeover: War Games Review

The Smack Download Wrestling Podcast
Episode #40

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Newsletter editor Steve Beverly of Matwatch!

It’s time for a brand new episode of “Shootin The Shiznit.” On Episode 70 Brian Tramel sits down with Steve Beverly to talk about Matwatch history,why did he stop publishing Matwatch?, his time as a fan, how many subscribers did he have, why TV ratings meant everything, Monday Night Wars, calls about wrestling and more in this 40 minute show.

Monday, November 13, 2017

SD #39 - Bobbie "Omega" Blaine

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He will be joining us to talk about the state of the wrestling business in 2017.

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The Smack Download Pro Wrestling Podcast
Episode #39

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Top 10 Female Wrestlers of 2017 with new Cool Kids Countdown!

It’s time for this “special edition” of Shootin The Shiznit. Brian Tramel and Lance LeVine bring you the Cool Kids Countdown XV “Top 10 Hot Chicks of 2017” for Episode 69. In rapid fire format they talk about the Top 10 female wrestlers in this 45 minute action packed episode. SHARE!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

NEW STS!! Kenny Has A Lot To Say About Jim Cornette !

It’s time for a brand new episode of “Shootin The Shiznit.” On Episode 68 Brian Tramel sits down with “Starmaker” Kenny Bolin to talk about “2017: The Year of Bolin” including a diner dash in Nashville, leaving Arcadian Vanguard, joining Vince Russo’s podcast network, his current relationship with Jim Cornette (claims to have revealed stuff here that he had not even said on his podcast), questions from the listeners and much more in this 38 minute episode.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Debut of New Show JOHNNY MAC ATTACK!!

It’s time for this “special edition” of Shootin The Shiznit. Brian Tramel and John McAdam bring you the debut show of Johnny Mac Attack for Episode 67. This podcast about wrestling & whatever includes 1988 wrestling convention, meeting all the legends, Nate the Rat, Eddie Gilbert, Paul Heyman, Downtown Bruno, Lou Thesz, Houston Astros, Ezekiel Elliott, Tennessee Volunteers concussion controversy and more in this 35 minute episode.