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Friday, June 9, 2017

This Sunday night's episode: Random WrestleTalk with special guest "Mr. Sensational" Leslie Jones!

This week Gene and Neil will be joined by special guest (and listener favorite) 'Mr. Sensational' Leslie Jones for an episode entitled, 'Random WrestleTalk'.  Any and every wrestling topic is on the table...WWE, TNA, ROH, local wrestling, old wrestling, new wrestling, if it's wrestling related...then it's fair game.  If you would like to join the conversation or ask a question, feel free to call in during the LIVE show! (713-955-0712)

"Mr. Sensational" Leslie Jones

"The King of All Wrestling Media" Gene Jackson

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor

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Monday, May 29, 2017

IWA Deep South Promoter Kevin Brannen rescheduled for this Sunday June 4th!

We apoligize for the inconvience but due to last week's storm damage, last night's episode had to be rescheduled for this Sunday night June 4th at 10pm central.  This promises to be one of our most interesting and fun interviews yet with the controversial death match promoter of IWA Deep South Kevin Brannen!  

Friday, May 26, 2017

This Sunday night's guest IWA Deep South Promoter Kevin Brannen!

Tune in LIVE on Sunday night at 10pm central as Gene & Neil welcome controversial IWA Deep South Promoter Kevin Brannen.  The man who brought Death Matches and Comedy Wrestling to the deep south will join the show to discuss all things past and present IWA Deep South including the discovery of "Camp Carnage" and the upcoming sequel to the popular Softcore Cup, SOFTCORE CUP 2 coming August 19th to Dadeville, Alabama!  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sammy Hall vs Kevin Sullivan

Here is the match Gene, Tony Dabbs, and Neil talked about that features their trainer Sammy Hall.

Listen to the "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs episode here!!

The Locals to Legends Gang at the Ron White show in Tupelo on 4/21/17

On Friday night the extended family of Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio got together at the Ron White show at the Bancorp South Center in Tupelo. Even getting a chance to hang out with Ron White's opening act/brother in law comedian Alex Reymundo....a great show with great friends!

Mr. Sensational, Jaxx Roxx, Gene Jackson, and Neil Taylor

Jaxx, Gene, Comedian Alex Reymundo, Neil, & Leslie

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Check out this classic episode with "Mr. Olympia" Jerry Stubbs

Here's a classic episode of the old podcast and one of my favorite interviews I've ever done....with Continental and Mid South Wrestling star Mr. Olympia a.k.a. Jerry Stubbs, one of the only podcasts and very few interviews he's ever done.....hope you enjoy!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Check out the archive of tonight's episode with Cabana Man Dan!

Tune in tonight at 10pm central for CABANA MAN DAN!

Cabana Man Dan has been one of the kings of the Alabama indies for years and this week he joins Gene Jackson and Neil Taylor to talk rasslin', beef snacks, and his love beverages! CMD who had seemingly left wrestling for good has returned in a major way in recent months...what brought him back? How's his neck holding up? What happened to the BevNerd? How did he invent the flip flop chop? Is he taller than Bill Dundee? What's on his immediate wrestling agenda?  We'll get answers to all this and more! Don't miss it!!
(This week's episode brought to you by KICKASS SNACKS Alabama and!)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Next Sunday night we will be joined by MR. HUGHES!

Another fun episode tonight with Donnie Primetime, make sure you join next Sunday night at 10pm cst when we are joined by the legendary MR. HUGHES!!  If you have a question for Mr. Hughes, email it to

Neil Taylor vs. Donnie Primetime 2- The $5,000 Old School Challenge

As discussed on this week's episode, the "No Punches Allowed" $5,000 Old School Challenge Neil 'the Real Deal' Taylor w/ Mr. Sensational vs. Donnie Primetime from Twin States Wrestling RAVEolution last March in Piedmont, Alabama.

Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant teaming up in Japan in 1985!

A rare look at Jerry 'the King' Lawler & "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant tagging in Japan vs. The Great Kabuki and Ishikawa from 1985....enjoy!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Donnie Primetime vs. Neil 'the Real Deal' Taylor w/Mr. Sensational

Check out Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio co-host Neil 'the Real Deal' Taylor taking on this week's guest Donnie Primetime from Twin States Wrestling Battle for the Belt on 1/17/16

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Heroes of Wrestling PPV from YouTube

Here's the Heroes of Wrestling PPV that we referenced in this week's "Bad Promo of the Week" during the Derrick King's so bad, it's....well just really bad.  Check it out if you dare...

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Listen to the archive of tonight's Derrick King episode!

Next Sunday night Locals to Legends goes (Donnie) PRIME TIME!!

Gene Jackson and Neil Taylor welcome a man who is making waves across the Southeast..."The Master of Prime Jit-Su" himself...Donnie Primetime.  DP has had an interesting path into the pro wrestling business via MMA.  Donnie has been working hard traveling to shows and seminars getting his name and face out there...and he's getting his story out there this week on Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio!
(This week's episode is brought to you by

Tune in LIVE tonight at 10pm central for DERRICK KING!!

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