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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Relative Unknown - (Almost) Humble Beginnings

Welcome back to the first legitimate entry in this bit of a series here. Because I am every bit as basic as I seem, I figured we'd start out here with my (almost) beginnings in the wrestling world. Focusing on how I heard about professional wrestling training and some memories about attending my first ever now "home show" ProSouth Wrestling with a bit of a peek as to how big of markskis Mr. Donnie Primetime and myself were (well... still are)

My brother; Donnie (Primetime) and I were taking a leisurely stroll one day in mid-January of 2013 to our local grocery store when we came upon something that caught our eye. This happened to be a ProSouth Wrestling flyer. We snatched it up and took it home because we were lifelong wrestling markskis and completely unaware that there was any wrestling in our area. Donnie was interested in actually wrestling on the show so he found the promotion on Facebook and messaged the page asking if he could wrestle on it (we obviously had no idea how this wrestling thing worked) the promoter asked Donnie to send him some of his work, to which Donnie replied with some of his MMA bouts. The promoter then asked him if he'd like to come to the show that Friday and further dicuss it. (Ol' Carny Ace Haven) He agreed and we buzzed all week.

When Friday came along; Donnie and I, along with our friend John (shoutout to ol JC3), packed up and went. On the way to the show Donnie mentioned how the champ of the promotion looked like he belong to some rip off boy band. He then proceeded to cut a promo on him claiming he'd "MMMBOP his ass all around the arena" We arrived at the arena and we're very impressed and enthralled with the atmosphere of the building. My key memories of the show are as follows:
1. James Hardy got hurt on Tyler Gage's spine buster and I felt really cool when I was able to spot it (I now know that this is a semi-regular occurance so it was nothing special)
2. Steven Michaels was able to hoist up Dakota Outlaw (300+ pound brother) for a GTS and that impressed us tons.
3. A Punk Rock version of "Don't Fear the Reaper" hit and we all immediately agreed we were cheering for whoever came from the curtain because the song was great. Much to Donnie's chagrin, it was ol' Hanson Haven himself. (Ace Haven)
4. Donnie was almost lynched by yelling out "War Eagle" during a fun little "Roll Tide" session Terry Batey had led the crowd in.

After the show we were instructed to stay inside and wait for the promoter. We had a chat with Terry Batey who we had assumed just ran everything at the show considering that's what his "show role" was. We got into a deep conversation about music when the blonde haired champ came into the office and sat down removing his wrestling shoes, to which Terry Batey introduced him as his son and the man that ran everything behind the scenes at ProSouth Wrestling. Shocked would not have even began to describe our reaction to this news. As our (Donnie's, while I sat starstruck) conversation shifted to Ace Haven, it was apparent that this was a really cool brother and he had revealed to Donnie that he couldn't allow him to immediately wrestle but he could train him. Donnie quickly accepted the offer and it was off to the races.

The first couple trainings, I opted to stay at home because I was still pretty enthralled with the whole situation and didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of this goth-damn superstar! Eventually I got up the nerve to come to one of the trainings when Donnie mentioned that Ace was super cool and was interested in meeting me. I was completely beside myself at this point. Donnie loaded up myself and our cousin Daniel to go with him to this training sesh. We we're excited to see Donnie do something we had all dreamed of when we were kids on the trampoline. We filed into the building and at this point it's early February so it's absolutely freezing so we're trying to keep warm anxiously awaiting our inside look on this intriguing business, and that's when Donnie came over to us and told us they were having a "special seminar training" with a gentleman named Kyle Matthews. I was pumped to see this as I had heard a lot about him and nothing but good things. That's when Donnie broke the news to us that we'd have to sit in the car for the duration of this seminar because Kyle doesn't like fans being exposed to the "business." We went out to Donnies van and tried to get comfortable and take a nap or something. It was a little over about two hours before Donnie emerged from the building, and it was on that day that I vowed I would not be sitting in the van anymore, I would HAVE to get into that ring. One way or another.

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