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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cheap Heat returns soon here at Locals to Legends.com!!

Hello folks! 

First off, I want to welcome everyone to LocalsToLegends.com. I'm super excited about all the great content we have in store here at the site.  A lot of great wrestlers and personalities have come onboard to contribute to the site in the form of columns, results, upcoming shows, podcasts, videos, and tons of other fun pro wrestling related stuff!  I can't wait to see how big this can grow into and help everyone invovled promote the sport they love...pro wrestling.

As for me, I plan to contribute in a variety of ways....perhaps a new podcast of some sort until Neil and I can bring back Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio.  I plan to post various features old and new but something I'm excited about is I'm going to bring back my old column from years past 'Cheap Heat'!  This is just an introductory column like some of the other guys have been doing but starting next week I plan to start posting weekly about random topics. Hopefully it will be as fun as it was in past incarnations on other websites.  If you'd like to join in on the fun, shoot me an email at genejackson95@gmail.com and I'll make you an author so you too can share to the page whether it's a column, posters for your upcoming shows or links to your wrestling podcast or youtube videos..we'd love to have you on the team!!

See ya next week!

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