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Thursday, July 27, 2017

"10 Count" featuring NWA Mid-South's Jakob Edwin

In wrestling, talent comes and goes but the show must go on. The shows that were once filled with stars like Buddy Rogers opened the door for icons like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan who paved the way for The Rock, HBK and Stone Cold. Without those talents, we may have never known John Cena, AJ Styles, The New Day or the host of other characters in the wrestling world.

With that being said, WHO will lead us in to tomorrow? WHO will teach us about the past? WHO is out there putting a body every 18 inches?

On "10 Count", you'll be introduced to some of the best talent in the wrestling world today.

Jakob Edwinn   
(pictured at NWA Mid-South vs. "Ironman" Rob Conway) 
Jakob has been wrestling for 5 Years & trained by "Wildman" Robbie Paige.

1. What made you start/choose wrestling?

It was the only thing to ever motivate me. No other ideas, concepts or practices appealed to me until someone said that I could be a wrestler.

2. Did you enjoy wrestling as a kid? If so, your favorites (workers, territories, promotions, venues, etc) and why.

Since before I can remember I liked wrestling. My earliest were Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Since I've been watching, William Regal, CM Punk, and my all time favorite is The Undertaker. I never watched anything else other than WWE when I was younger.

3. Who has influenced you most, outside of wrestling?
My uncle, easily. We would spend hours wrestling on the trampoline, or watching the ppv, or playing the video games. He's has a huge influence on me in life and has been my biggest supporter.

4. What/who influenced your ring style?

Probably studying CM Punk and William Regal. It just seems like there is always something to watch. At this point I wouldn't be the wrestler I am were it not for Robbie, Shane Shadows and Greg Anthony.
 British Grappling, the World of Sport. Daniel Bryan, Stone Cold, Jake the Snake, The Rockers and Brainbusters.

5. Pick one wrestler/team/manager from the past to work with or against and why.

The Undertaker. For the longest time he was the measuring stick. I have to know how I measure up.

6. Who have you worked that you would say is your "Perfect Opponent?"

Chris Gatton. For 5 years we've wrestled each other, and he's my perfect folly. We have learned new things just to keep each other guessing.

7. If someone has never seen wrestle you, what is the first thing that you would tell them about yourself?

You just met your new favorite wrestler, and I'm better than your old one. I'm the perfect role model and wrestling will soon launch my political career.

8. Best thing about wrestling?

There's literally nothing like it. No matter how close you come to it, it has some other layer that isn't replicated. In stage theater you have to do the same play every night, and if you watch Macbeth Friday night, and try to go back Saturday, you'll see the same play. If you watch Jakob Edwinn vs Greg Anthony on Friday, and come back Saturday and see Jakob Edwinn vs Greg Anthony, it will be different without a doubt.

9.Why do we need to know Jakob Edwin?

If you sleep on me now, you'll just miss the bandwagon and be a day behind everyone else. The devil you know is better than the devil you don't.

10. What is the plan for Jakob Edwin? 2017?

Expansion. Taking the Campaign to new heights and spreading the word. While maintaining my roots in NWA Mid South.

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