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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wrestling News Center Podcast Episode 2- "Mean" Mike Posey

Wrestling News Center Podcast Episode #2 with guest Mike Posey

Listen in as host Gene Jackson is joined by Independent Wrestling star and former WWE & TNA Referee Mike Posey to discuss his career as both a Referee and a Wrestler.  Mike has experienced a lot in his career from wrestling in small local armories to being in the ring at two Wrestlemanias.  As a member 'Jimmy Rave Approved', Mike Posey is fast making a name for himself as a wrestler on the independents......listen in as he talks about life on the road as a Smackdown Referee, working with guys like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, the differences between WWE & TNA, what the recent pushes of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan might mean for other independent wrestlers looking to make it to WWE, and much, much more!  To listen click the player below or download it at the link.


Mike Posey in the ring

Posey, Chip Day, Jimmy Rave, Sal Ranauro, Corey Hollis- JIMMY RAVE APPROVED

Reffing Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett in TNA

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