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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WNC Podcast Episode #1- "Superstar" Bill Dundee

The very first episode of the Wrestling News Center Podcast hosted by the "King of All Wrestling Media" Gene Jackson.  Listen in as Gene talks to "Superstar" Bill Dundee about his newly released autobiography available at www.billdundeebook.com, "If you don't want the answer, don't ask the question.", They also discuss the return of Power Pro Wrestling, and other topics as well.  But before the Bill Dundee interview, Gene talks about the "controversial" NWA World Title match show at NWA ProSouth from this past Friday night, giving his views on the much talked about event, and also the Bryan Danielson and Zack Ryder titles wins from Sunday's WWE TLC pay per view and what they might mean to the future of wrestling. Click the player below to listen or  the link underneath download, or the podcast should also soon be available for download of ITunes.


The new show is a work in progress, we hope to have the microphone issues worked by the next episode (some slight noise off and on during the show).  We'd like to hear what people's opinions are on how to improve the show....Do you want longer interviews?  Should the show be shorter? Is it too much of one person talking? Let us know what you think at genejackson95@gmail.com.

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