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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio returning soon!

So I've decided that I'm going to bring back 'Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio' on a trial basis.  Several changes this time around, first of all it won't be on blogtalkradio anymore.  It also won't be airing live.  Unfortunately, Neil Taylor won't be returning as my co-host (at least not for now) though I do hope to record a segment with him in Amory this weekend to kind of explain why we ended the show last year and how I hope to have him involved in the future. 

I've racked my brain trying to come up with a new "format" for the show and an idea for something new but have decided that not exactly having a format will be the something new.  First off, I'm aiming to post shows weekly but that might not always be the case...it will just depend on my "real life" schedule and what's going on at the time.  Some weeks I'll have interviews, some will be recorded live at shows, other will be recorded over the phone.  Some will be long form, while others will be brief conversations about a couple of relevant topics.  As of right now there will not be a permanent co-host.  I will have guest co-hosts some weeks varying from my wife/fellow wrestling fan Rose Jackson, other weeks I will try to get friends like Jeremy Flynt, Leslie Jones, Jaxx Roxx, Dustin Burcham, or any number of other friends who have expressed interest.   I plan to mix in some fun stuff like our "bad wrestling promos" and other things that I've got in mind that Neil and I never got a chance to work in on the last incarnation of the show.  

If you have any suggestions for the show, or if you're a wrestler, promoter, etc and would like to be a guest on the show or co-host, shoot me an email at genejackson95@gmail.com or contact me on Facebook!  Thanks for the listening to the show in the past and hopefully more in the future!


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