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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio w/"Mr. Sensational" Leslie Jones Pt. 2

Following up on last week's popular episode, 'Mr. Sensational' Leslie Jones joins Gene once again to finish their discussion of the IWF.  This week covers the most recent incarnation of IWF and Leslie TELLS ALL....this is the absolute shoot truth about what brought it back and why it went away....perhaps for good this time.  There's also a lot of discussion (and at times debate) about booking philosophy such as booking "names" and whether it's important for a wrestling promotion to have television in this day and age. While this episode actually ended up being longer than last week's episode, it's still an interesting ride hearing how everything came together for the IWF to return and the obstacles the promotion faced along the way...and when Leslie realized the wrestling business was a different world in 2015 than it was in 1999.  Leslie opens up and gives the shoot explanation of the final episode of IWF Slam and how the television station felt about the show going away.  Is this the end for Mr. Sensational? Is the IWF dead?  Tune in to this week's episode and find out!

Listen to the Episode on the player below or click the icon on the right to download

Mr. Sensational w/IWF Champ Barry Wolf

IWF "Homecoming" at the Salvation Army Gym

Managing the IWF Tag Team Champions The Monroe Brothers

Memphis and Dallas Monroe w/Mr. S in Vardaman, MS

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