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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio w/Scott Hensley

After a LONG hiatus for the better part of 2014, Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio is back to stay in 2015.  For the return Gene Jackson is joined by his friend wrestling announcer and reporter Scott Hensley.

Scott ring announcing at SAW in Nashville

Gene and Scott discuss a variety of subjects including: Scott's crazy introduction into the wrestling business as an inexperienced referee working with a crazed hardcore legend!!  Getting his start in the business with Will Owens' Ultimate NWA in Alabama even though he didn't have pants.....

Scott interviewing the legendary Jim Cornette in Knoxville

They also discuss Empire Wrestling in Georgia, Scott's latest endeavor with Great American Wrestling in Knoxville as they prepare to go on television, and much, much more!!  A fun discussion between two self proclaimed "wrestling nerds".  Check it out!!

Click here to DOWNLOAD or listen in the player below!

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