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Monday, July 16, 2018

Journey of the Journeyman: One Proud Papa!

Hello True Believers!  (I think that may be copyrighted...)

Man, what a weekend!  3 shows in 3 days, which is pretty normal, but I want to focus on the event held on Sunday, July 15.
The 15 students that completed the 12-week Tried-N-True Academy had their Student Showcase event.  These students walked into the gym in April with little-to-no previous wrestling experience, and I have watched them grow from the ground up.  Tears entered my eyes on more than one occasion seeing my proteges are work.

I want to thank all the people who bought tickets.  I don't have an official count, but the estimate I was given, from presales and tickets sold at the door, was 300+.  AMAZING!  A legit standing room only crowd to support the hard work these students have put in over 12 weeks to chase their dreams!

The night was started off with "The Beast from the Middle East" Rhamey doing battle with Kountry Boi.  You may recognize the name Kountry Boi as one of the artists that composed my entrance music (https://soundcloud.com/jeremiah-plunkett/mr-mugg-kountry-boi-grizzled-white-boy-jeremiah-plunketts-entrance-theme).  These guys have worked so hard, and have such a high wrestling IQ.  This was a great start to the night and ended with "The Beast from the Middle East" giving Kounty a Black Hole Slam through the mat.

The second match pitted 2 of our cruiserweight trainees, Mikey "Anime" Hempfield and Peyton "Speedy" Polson, against the Tried-N-True Pro tag team of the Powerhouse Paisans, this combination being Pasquale Zionesto and "The 90-lb Big Mouth" Tony Lucassio.  While known as a manager, Lucassio is a trained professional wrestler and showed his stuff against the 2 undersized competitors.  Mikey's charisma and the pair's athleticism left me smiling from ear to ear.

The third match was the Tried-N-True Academy Battle Royale.  All 14 male competitors entered the ring in 30 second intervals until only 1 was left standing.  In a fantastic moment, Dustin "The Lone Wolf" Rybolt was left as the last man standing, in the feel good moment of the night.

After a brief intermission, it was time for "The First Lady of the Tried-N-True Academy" to make her entrance.  Brittany Garcia was originally slated to face Impact Wrestling's Rebel, but Rebel had other ideas.  She brought in a ringer in the form of Paredyse.  Brittany, not afraid to go one-on-one with a man, held her own and scored an upset pinfall.

Following Brittany's match, I took the stage opposite potentially our most athletically gifted student, Matthew Mims.  Let me say, his cheering section was definitely in attendance.  Mims asserted his strength early on, but a well place right hand put me in control.  I did my best to welcome him to the business and bringing the fight to him.  Mims got me rocking and rolling toward the end, but a well placed DDT set him down for 3.  The kid took a lickin' and kept on tickin', and me made me proud.  SO much upside.

Finally, the main event pitted Zach "Honcho" Hensley and Deonte "All Star" Myers vs. the War Kings, Crimson and Jax Dane.  This match was tremendous.  The WarKings asserted their dominance, but teh team of Hensley and Myers would not go down without a fight, picking there spots and managing to get the big men off their feet numerous times.  However, it was not to be as the War Kings put them away. 

The night ended as all the students surrounded ringside.  Crimson and Jax Dane said a few words, and the entire room gave a standing ovation to the students.

To say I'm proud is an understatement.  Hard work pays off, and this event showed it.  My hats off too everyone involved.  To my students, whether you like it or not, you are my kids in the business now.  I'm here for you always, and I can't wait to see you grow.

I love you all!  Stay human.

- Jeremiah Plunkett
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