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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Check out the archive of tonight's episode with Cabana Man Dan!

Tune in tonight at 10pm central for CABANA MAN DAN!

Cabana Man Dan has been one of the kings of the Alabama indies for years and this week he joins Gene Jackson and Neil Taylor to talk rasslin', beef snacks, and his love beverages! CMD who had seemingly left wrestling for good has returned in a major way in recent months...what brought him back? How's his neck holding up? What happened to the BevNerd? How did he invent the flip flop chop? Is he taller than Bill Dundee? What's on his immediate wrestling agenda?  We'll get answers to all this and more! Don't miss it!!
(This week's episode brought to you by KICKASS SNACKS Alabama and Acti-Labsbyrosey.com!)