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Monday, August 21, 2017

"10 Count" with 1/2 of the "Classic Connection" Levi Shapiro

This week on "10 Count", we head out to the West Coast to check out 
1/2 of the "Classic Connection", "Unorthodox" Levi Shapiro.
Shapiro (left, with Buddy Royal) is a 8 year vet who was trained by "Russian Wolf" Alexis Darevko & Roland Alexander at All Pro Wrestling.

1. Why do we need to know the Classic Connection?
4. What made you start/choose wrestling? 
I fell in love as a child and loved the improvisational aspects. Eventually, I was told to leave the backyard and train.

5. Did you enjoy wrestling as a kid? If so, your favorites (workers, territories, promotions, venues, etc) and why.
As a kid, I was primarily raised on coliseum video tapes from my local rental store. As I got more into wrestling, I would buy DVDs at music stores and became a huge online wrestling fan and was able to find all sorts of what have you. My favorites as a child were Mr. Perfect and of course....Warrior. I was raised in Richmond CA and I went to a few shows at the famous COW PALACE. So wrestling was famous in the area so always has been with me.

6. What does the "Classic Connection" think of the "Old School" as you say?
We have the chance to preserve wrestling history. Seeing Terry Funk, Dick Beyer The Destroyer, Kevin Sullivan and many other legends still up and around to spread the knowledge that they have learned paving the way for young guys like Buddy Royal and myself. We plan on taking that and continuing the tradition of professional wrestling.

7. Pick on wrestler/team/manager from the past to work with or against and why.
I just wish I could be on #TheLoop in so many of the territories of the past. So many workers, so many memories to make.....and the money too.

8. Who have you worked that you would say is your "Perfect Opponent?"
1st off Virgil Flynn III is one of the beat singles matches I've ever had as well as my good brother, Perry Von Vicious. THE CLASSIC CONNECTION has had many great rivals over the years. From The Reno Scum to Midnight Delight! The Real Dealerz to The Posse to Suburban Commandos but overall we are still are waiting for the Rock n Roll to our Midnight Express.

9. What is the plan for you and the Classic Connection? 2017?
To take our strutting to farther towns and hopefully make a international loop sometime here soon. Manly keep the #21stCenturyOldSchool feeling alive!

10. Best thing about wrestling?
EVERYthing about it.

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